Great Mezcal is worth sipping

A bright and lemony sipping mezcal with some subtle smoke on the back end. It unfolds layers of fruits, almonds, caramel, and fresh herbal notes in the palate.

The bottle

750 ml

Ensamble Mezcal crafted from Espadín and Tobalá agaves.

Gift box set

750 ml

Limited edition created with Latin-American artist Miguel Cardenas celebrating traditions and culture of mezcal.

An ultra-premium mezcal, founded by an all-mexican team, revealing the depths of Oaxacan culture through a transcendent sipping experience.”

Agua Mágica is a luxury sipping mezcal, which should be drink like a fine wine”

A premium mezcal that highlights Mexican lore and ritual with every sip”

Comprising a blend of Espadín and Tobalá agave, those who snag a bottle can expect a perfumed bouquet and attractive flavors. Vibrant berries and violet petals lead the nose before giving way to charred green chile and refreshing cucumber on the palate.”

Agua Magica works solely with local mezcaleros in the Oaxacan town of San Juan del Río, whose soil, altitude and abundance of fresh river water have long lend it a certain mystique among mezcal makers.”

Agua Mágica’s smooth and flavorful notes of cucumber, melon, and green chili on the palate are intended to lure consumers into enjoying it during moments of introspection, commemoration and transcendence.

The Spirit of The Unknown

An ultra-premium sipping mezcal, crafted from high mountain Espadín and Tobalá agaves from the mythical region of San Juan del Río, Oaxaca.

Sipping with

By shifting mezcal drinking habits, we will positively impact the mezcaleros community and ensure their ancestral continuity.

Discover how we seek to help small producers fund their mezcal certifications and why we do it.

The spirit of
Oaxaca, Mexico

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