The Spirit of
the Unknown

Agua Mágica is an ultra-premium sipping mezcal crafted from high mountain Espadín and Tobalá agaves from San Juan del Río, Oaxaca. This mythical location is blessed with ideal natural elements for crafting the finest mezcal.

Great Mezcal is worth sipping

Smooth & flavorful mezcal meant to enjoy during intimate moments and celebratory occasions, unfolding layers of fruits, almonds, caramel, and fresh herbal notes in the palate. Best served neat, just like centuries-old traditions dictate, but also tastes magical mixed within a cocktail.

The bottle

750 ml

Ensamble Mezcal crafted from Espadín and Tobalá agaves.

Gift box set

750 ml

Limited edition created with Latin-American artist Miguel Cardenas celebrating traditions and culture of mezcal.

Sipping with

Founded by a Mexican team based in New York and Oaxaca, Agua Mágica is a mezcal with a mission to show the world how drinking habits can positively impact the mezcaleros communities and ensure their continuity.

We commit to donate 1 USD per bottle or 5% of our yearly profits to fund mezcal certifications of other small producers.

Our Drinking Rituals

Open Agua Mágica, and you take on an honored role: The Mayordomo. We proudly pass on this role to you. As mayordomo of Agua Mágica, it is your duty to keep our spirit alive. We trust you to share our mezcal with good company neat or in cocktails.

The spirit of
Oaxaca, Mexico

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