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What is mezcal made from

Its magic lies between the terrestrial and celestial, the celebration and ceremony, the ancient and modern.

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A romance between Espadín and Tobalá

Crafted from a unique ensemble of Espadín & Tobalá agaves from the superior region of San Juan del Río. An ultra-premium sipping mezcal that offers a crisp, smooth, and flavorful experience, inspiring the palate with its complex layers.

Ensambles respect the cycles of nature by using only mature agaves that are available at the time of production, like Maestros did for hundreds of years. We harvest mostly 7-year old mature Espadín, and 15-year old Tobalá agaves, giving the earth time to regenerate. Our agaves are sourced exclusively from small farmers in San Juan, ensuring quality ingredients while investing in the future of the local community.

A Superior Region

The magic of San Juan del Río

It is said that the gods blessed the mythical village of San Juan del Río with the ideal natural elements for crafting the best mezcal. From its rich soil and pure river waters, to its steep terrain that challenges the agave, giving it a stronger sugar concentration and a richer, more complex depth of flavor.

Don Rogelio Juan’s Production Method

We joined a family lineage of more than five generations of maestros mezcaleros to preserve the ancestral distilling wisdom. After searching for more than two years, we partnered with Rogelio Juan Hernandez and his son Julio Juan, who preserve San Juan’s centuries-old craft. From the banana leaves used to cook the agave, stone tahona to mash the piñas, and water from the river to allow fermentation, always staying true to traditional practices over industrial techniques.

Mescal plant agave harvest

1. Agave harvest in the mountain

"How is mezcal tequila made

2. Cooked in an underground pit

What is mescal

3. Milled in stone tahona

Mezcal process

4. Fermented naturally in wooden vats

What does mezcal taste like

5. Distilled twice in copper pot stills

Finest Mezcal


San Juan del Río, Oaxaca (single village)

Mezcal Type



7-8 yrs Espadín and 14-15yrs Tobalá

Maestro Mezcalero

Rogelio Juan Hernandez


Mezcal Artesanal


80 (40% alc. vol.)




Wooden vats


Stone Tahona


Double distillation copper still

Distillation Year


How is mezcal made