Unravel your Mystic Personality:

Your Spirit Tona

As we revel in the festivities of 5 de Mayo, let us honor Mexico's rich cultural heritage by introducing you to the mystical Tonas. These spirits, integral to Mexican folklore for centuries, are assigned to individuals at birth embodying their unique personality traits and protecting them on life's journey.

Behold, we've conjured up stunnig illustrations to reveal the Tona assigned to you at birth, unraveling the secrets that define your one-of-a-kind personality traits. Step into the mystical world of the Tonas and embark on a journey of self-discovery, celebrating the enchanting beauty of Mexican culture.

Select your birth month to find out your spirit Tona

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El Colibri

El Coyote

La Tortuga

La Iguana

La Serpiente 

El Armadillo

El Venado

El Conejo

La Mariposa

El Perro

El Mono

El Camaleón