Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mezcal?

What is the difference between Mezcal & Tequila?

Can Mezcal only be produced in Oaxaca?

How long does the Agua Mágica process takes?

What agaves can be found in the region?

What is the difference between Espadín & Tobala?

Where does the smoky flavour comes from?

What is the artisanal process in making mezcal?

What is the best way to enjoy Agua Mágica?

What are the characteristics of San Juan as a region?


Agua Mágica did not find you by mistake...



is to enjoy Agua

Mágica neat, one

sip at a time.


Oysters with rock salt,
Green olives, Edamames
Oaxaca cheese, and Honeydew.



A unique blend of cooked maguey with notes of subtle smoke, bananas and almonds.

Flavor Profile

Smooth on the palate with a sweet and highly mineralized flavor offering herbal and fresh notes with touches of cooked maguey, banana, almond, mango and caramel.