Porta X Agua Magica

Celestial Copitas


per pair

The agave design pays homage to the plant at the heart and soul of Agua Mágica, while the crosses, delicately painted on the sides and importantly, on the bottom of the Copitas, hold a special meaning rooted in Oaxacan tradition.

'Hasta que veas la cruz!' (Drink until you see the cross!) is the lighthearted toast in Oaxaca, which harkens back to a time when people used to drink Mezcal out of small glasses originally used to hold prayer candles which had a cross etched into the bottom.

When these glasses were raised, the cross could be seen. To this end, each sip from our celestial Copitas becomes a journey—a connection to traditions and a celebration of the customs and spirit of Oaxaca.

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