Sipping with Purpose
Empowering Local Entrepreneurship

In Oaxaca, small traditional producers like maestro mezcalero Don Rogelio are fighting to stay true to their traditions as mezcal is becoming increasingly commoditized, driven by price and yeasts.

Agua Mágica is Empowering Mezcaleros to become entrepreneurs by donating 1 USD per bottle, or 5% of the yearly profits, to fund their mezcal certification costs and provide them with business consulting to keep the artisanal production and the diversity of the agaves alive.

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Our drinking habits directly impact Oaxacan communities

Agua Mágica enables a thoughtful drinking experience that values the mystical spirit of mezcal, embracing the diversity of agaves, the traditional agricultural practices, and the local artisanal knowledge. Each sip signifies appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into making the spirit.

Recontextualizing mezcal consumption occasions will directly translate into better wages, working conditions, and farming practices in Oaxaca. Sipping the spirit neat keeps mezcal from becoming an industrialized commodity and preserves the artisanal tradition of Oaxacans.

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More Than Manufacturers

Our relationship with the Maestro mezcalero is at the heart of our brand. Don Rogelio is a partner and owner, not a manufacturer. We work together from seed to bottle, defining agave planting, liquid development, and Palenque improvements.

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