Step into the world of Agua Mágica and explore the creative collaborations that have unfolded, each one weaving a unique story of artistry, culture, and the magic within our mezcal.



Artist Miguel Cardenas creates worlds that combine the strange with the sublime, transporting us to realms that feel like long forgotten dreams. This artwork, inspired by our ensamble of Espadín and Tobalá agaves, truly captures the mystical forces that rule San Juan Del Río, the birthplace of Agua Mágica.

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In the enchanted town of San Antonio Arrazola, also known as the "Birthplace of Alebrijes," a young Manuel Jiménez discovered his gift for carving wood at the tender age of 8 in 1927. He began by creating small figures that resembled the animals he cared for in the mountains. Manuel Jiménez is hailed as the trailblazer of the wooden carvings, known as "alebrijes," a talent that he passed down to his family and that later spread to other places.

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Enrique Leyva is a Oaxacan photographer that started in the world of photography at the age of 16. Later on, he immersed himself in the world of fashion. His work has revolved around the inclusion of identity and beauty within the fashion industry, looking for a space for new narratives based on his process and life stories.

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These otherwordly beeswax candles were handcrafted in the village of Teotitlán del Valle in Oaxaca in Doña Viviana's famous workshop: Casa Viviana. These candles are traditionally used in religious ceremonies, weddings, and other festivities.

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Oaxacan designer and artist; mezcal lover and the stories that are born from it. She creates magical illustrations using this inspiration and integrates to the imaginary of her work the natural cycles and the life-death relationship taking the female figure as a central resource of her work.

Since 2019 she collaborates in projects related to the conservation of agave and the producing communities, looking for the connection with nature and the narrative that is born from it.

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Arturo Dib has been a driving force in Mexico's creative industry, excelling in Design, Film, Music, and now, Art. He is known for projects like Lea Studio, creator of cultural landmarks like Cine Tonalá and Departamento, in Colonia Roma, becoming a symbol of contemporary identity of Mexico City. He returns to visual arts in 2020 with "Objetos para los rituales contemporáneos," and a collaboration with Agua Mágica.

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Mexican-born artist Sara Beltrán, inspired by her deep connection to the ocean. She channels this passion into her haute joaillerie label, Dezso. Beltrán's charms, resembling nautical artifacts and marine life, now grace the bottles of Agua Mágica with intricately engraved shell bottle caps, echoing the ocean's enchanting depths and protecting the magical elixir within.

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